Thank you for your interest to give finanially to Aloha LIFE Church!

As Christians, we give because of the grace and generosity God has given us. We are not under compulsion to give; rather, we cheerfully and freely give what God has placed on our hearts.

Your gifts (tithes) and offerings will grow when you give. They will multiply! They are a seed that gets planted into the Kingdom through this church. God is faithful to take what we give and He miraculously causes it to increase. In the same way as the boy who gave his offering of bread and fish from his lunch and Jesus put that offering into the hands of the disciples to allow the miracle of multiplication to happen when thousands were fed to the full; when we give, God allows us to use it to bless and care for others on a bigger scale than what the original humble gift would have been able to do on its own.  

It is the generous and regular giving by the people in our church and by our supporters that makes it possible for our Kaua'i church plant to flourish. We delight in being generous givers together with you!  As our church grows we will be able to sow into this community locally and where God directs us a church family to give. The world will know us by our love (His love through us). Meeting practical needs is one vital way we get to show our love.

Generosity is a beautiful form of worship. We love to display our gratitude and devotion to God through tithes and offerings from the blessings God has placed in our hands.

Thank you for your LIFEgiving gifts!

Donate now by credit card or checking account through  

You will receive an annual giving statement at the end of the calendar year.



Your time, talents and spiritual gifts are such important contributions and they can also be multiplied by God. You can give what feels like just a little gift of time and God blesses it and the result is your little bit of time makes a significant impact.

You have something unique and valuable to offer! If you have visited with us and want to move beyond being our guest to becoming family, please share with us what you love to do, what dreams and hopes you have for ways you would like to help, and let's begin to journey together to do great things!  Come serve, grow and do LIFE with us as family!

Not sure what your gifts are?  At Aloha LIFE Church, we would enjoy the opportunity to help you discover and grow in your gifts too!

  • Worship Team
  • Prophetic Art
  • Children's Ministry
  • Youth Ministry
  • Hospitality Crew
  • LIFE Connections
  • Community Service

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